Warm Springs (Nevada) [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in the U.S.

A scene in a dream are often unrealistic, and sometimes depressingly beautiful.

If it is a hot spring, it may be like this.


Currently this is private land; please do not attempt to trespass.

Ruins in the Desert

Warm Springs, a ghost town in the wilderness of Nevada has hot springs as is true to the name.


The color of the water is turquoise blue.


Although there seems to be no direct relation, a turquoise mine exists nearby and you can find jewelry goods with bearing the name, Warm Springs.

Changing Room1

In the ruin of a spa facility, it looks mysterious and melancholy when you see a pool filled with beautiful water.


The source of the spring is in the mountain backward.

Water Outlet2

The water rolls down a ramp and is provided to the pool.

Throughout the process, the extremely hot water is subjected to cooling to 109 degrees F.

Water Inlet

This is not snow, but the travertine of hot springs deposited in the side of the conduit.


The bottom of the pool becomes like a bed of the deposit, and you will not feel you keep yourself grounded.

The diffuse reflection at the bottom makes the color of hot springs water exotic.

The pool is most shallow around the locker room, and becomes as deep as someone’s height on the opposite side.

Changing Room2

As far as you see from the water surface, you will not see anyone in the wilderness.

Conversely, no one recognizes your existence.

It is said that there are three ways of thinking in terms of philosophy.

  1. Even if no one recognize you, you exist, and people can prove it.Scientific realism
  2. Even if no one recognize you, you exist, but people have no way of proving it.Anti-realism
  3. If no one recognize you, you do not exist.Idealism

From the Water Surface

Soaking in the unrealistic pool like the mental scenery, you will realize it difficult to make a conclusion for such argument.

Take it easy...
Thank you


Warm Springs [PRIVATE PROPERTY], Warm Springs, Nevada US


  • Style
  • Rule
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 109 degrees F

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