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Turkey Creek Hot Springs, New Mexico

Nowadays google tells us even a little-known hot spring deep in the mountains.

It may not be a truly secluded hot spring.

Challenging Trail

There are several natural hot springs gushing in Gila National Forest.

Today I will visit a relatively challenging hot springs that need around 18 miles trekking for the round trip.

Road Closed

It is as far as Jordan Hot Springs, but the trail is in a worse condition.

Trail Not Maintained and Dangerous

The trail branches from the main path at the signpost "TRAIL NOT MAINTAINED AND DANGEROUS," and walking along the mountain stream continues.

Turkey Creek

Few hikers are seen in the route, so prepare not to get lost in the mountains.


I brought a tent, sleeping bag, water cleaner, sufficient food, terrain map, and GPS application just to make sure.


The color of Turkey Creek is apparently different from ordinary ones, which means quite a lot of hot springs water get mixed.


Along the mountain stream, sometimes I climbed massive rocks and got into the deep water.

Plunge Basin

Upper Stream1

Around the sources of hot springs, the water level of the stream is low.

Upper Stream2

Instead, there are several orange-tan colored hot springs pools at the riverside.

Upper Stream3

The water temp is too hot (around 167 degrees F) to dip in.

Creek and Hot Pool1

The amount of the river water gradually increases due to the hot springs water gushing.

Creek and Hot Pool2

At the lowermost point of the geothermal area, there is a plunge basin around seven feet depth.

The water temp of the river goes up to 109 degrees F, which enables comfortable soaking.


What a wonderful place it is here.

The plenty of hot water makes the pool always clean.

Indeed, there are some hot springs rivers in the world, like Grutas Tolantongo.


However, it is normal that those places are maintained by spa facilities.

Turkey Creek Hot Springs would be one of truly secluded hot springs.


Such wonderful place exists unbeknown to most people.


Turkey Creek Hot Springs, Gila National Forest, New Mexico, USA



Truly remote, but rewarding!

  • Walk-in: Yes
  • Lodging: No (Wild Camping Available)

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