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Is the evolution of humankind the science and technology?

It is said that in the 14th century the indigenous people living in the southwest Colorado were "disappeared."

They might suggest another possibility of our evolution.


Due to the renovation completed in 2020, the current situation differs from what this article describes.

Mesa Verde National Park

Out of ancestors of American Indians, Anasazi left the largest buildings and their dwellings are designated a World Heritage site.

Cliff Palace

Photo by Tjflex2 - Cliff Palace (2016) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The complex housings at the foot of the cliff were suddenly abandoned in the 14th century, and no one knows the reason.

Bubbling at Water Outlet


To get to the spa facility, it is an hour drive from the visitor center of the national park.


Hot springs gushing in this area had been well-known among American Indians.


A settler, Frank Trimble acknowledged the value and established a hot spring hotel in 1882.


In the beautiful premises, there is a big pool, which uses tap water heated by hot springs.

Hot Tubs1

At the back of it, you will see free-flowing tubs using hot spring water.

Really peaceful atmosphere...
Very nice.

Hot Tubs2

The tubs are divided into two; the hotter one is around 109 degrees F, and the other is about 102 degrees F.

Hot Tubs3

Near the water outlets, you will notice the water with slight metallic smell is carbonated.


Nowadays, Anasazi people disappeared from this area are considered one of the roots of American Indians such as Hopi.

They are said to have got back to nature, abandoning their cultural wealth so that they survived severe drought.

When the earth cannot allow humankind to increase, giving up a world of convenient may be another  possibility of our evolution.


Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa (Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs), Durango, Colorado, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
  • Temperature
    Up to 102 degrees F

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