The Springs Resort & Spa (Pagosa Springs) - Hot Springs in the U.S.

Pagosa Springs is one of the great spa towns in the U.S.

The powerful nature of the water may be the benefit from the largest known volcanic eruption in Earth's history.

La Garita Caldera

The scale of La Garita volcanism about 28 million years ago is considered one of the largest eruptions in Earth's history.

Wheeler Geologic Area

Photo by John Fowler - Wheeler Geologic Area (2017) / CC BY 2.0

The massive energy was equivalent to that of the impact event approximately 66 million years ago, which is said to be the trigger of the dinosaurs' death.

The World's Deepest Hot Spring

The heat source may continue heating the ground water.

After two hours' drive from La Garita Caldera to the south, you will notice sulfur smell.

The Ute Indians called sulfur-rich mineral springs Pah gosah, which is the origin of the town's name, Pagosa Springs.

Bath House

The Springs Resort & Spa is the representative spa facility, and walk-in is welcomed.

The walk-in rate varies from $25 to $53, depending on the plans.

Overnight guests at the hotel can enjoy the water from the check in through check out.

Guest House

I stayed at the lowest-grade room for lodging, which was $240.

The bedroom looked clean, but a little bit overvalued even though the highest rate of walk-in was included.


Before dipping in the water, you must see the source of the hot spring located behind the hotel.

The turquoise water is bubbling in a hole that is approximately 35 feet across with a maximum depth 1,002 feet.

World's Deepest Geothermal Hot Spring

23 Soaking Pools

This "Mother" Spring is listed in Guinness World Records as the world's deepest hot spring.

The water is around 144 degrees F and piped to 23 soaking pools in the spa area.

All the spa area is located outside and guests have to wear bathing suits.

Maps in the premises show the current water temperature in each hot tub.


The hill at the center is the travertine terrace made of hot springs' deposits.

From its summit, mineral water is gushing with steam, which proves the turquoise pool was just one of the sources.

Tufa Tower

The Overlook tub is located nearest to the tufa mound, and has a panoramic view.

Water dropped out of the terrace is gathered in Golden Pond.

You will see fish swimming in it.


You cannot soak in the pond, but there is a bridge to get across.

Wow, interesting bridge...
It is sunken.

Golden Pond

It will take you to The Cliffs tub, right under the tufa mound.

The water is clear, and accompanies countless white deposits floating.

The Cliffs

Boulder tub is also attractive, where you look down the beautiful garden beside San Juan River.

The water is tepid and slightly cloudy.


Paradise tub is much hotter and has strong sulfur smell, not chlorinated.


Relaxation Terrace

Overnight guests and the guests paid the highest walk-in fee can enter Relaxation Terrace, as long as they are over 18 years old.

All tubs in the VIP area have milky white water.

Cozy Cove

Cozy Cove tub is not so hot, but be careful not to soak too long.

You need to cool down periodically due to the rich contained materials.

River Bend

From River Bend tub, the opaque water is falling down to the river like an infinity pool.

My best soaking pool was not in Relaxation Terrace.

It is The Burg tub in the riverside.

The Burg

The grayish water is straight out of the ground, and has apparently different kind of smell of oil.

It is 115 degrees F and too hot to dip in, but I really enjoyed it imagining the residual heat of the largest known volcanic eruption.


The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 136 degrees F

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