Tecopa Hot Tub - Hot Springs in the U.S.

The tub is right on the ground of the Mojave Desert.

It is not certain about when, by whom, and for what purpose it was built.

Look for the Palm Tree

The Mojave Desert is in the North American Southwest, primarily within southeastern California and southern Nevada.

Tecopa Hot Springs is located in the California side, close to the border.

Dirt Road

It is not so difficult to get to Tecopa Hot Tub, with an advanced knowledge.

Go north from Tecopa Hot Springs Campground.

Then turn right to Furnace Creek.

Oasis 1

The dirt road is accessible for a normal car, as long as the condition is not muddy.

It is less than five minutes’ drive.

Oasis 2

The hot spring is located under the lone palm, beside the winding drive.

Like a Living Room

Sofa 3

The concrete-made tub is fed by clear and colorless geothermal water.

Chair 1

A sofa and chairs are placed as if the desert was a living room.

Sofa 2

Soakers can clean the tub up by themselves using the brush, although it is maintained in a good condition on dry land.

Chair 2

FYI due to the timing difference, the sofa is in a different location per picture.

The pictures without sofa are two years later.
Oh, you visited again...

Sofa 1

The place looks like a social meeting place for the locals, bringing furniture.

No fees required.

Water Outlet

I do not know where the source of the water is.

The amount of water input was so-so.


The water temperature was around 104 degrees F.

The bottom of the tub looked like steps.


Around the water surface, I found a calligraphy expressing the love to Tecopa.

Water Discharge

The water discharge is directly to the desert.

Immediately the water disappears, which maintains the life of the palm.


The direction of my eyes was on the horizon line of the Mojave Desert.

If not for the unique hot spring, I would not see the desert from such observing point.



Tecopa Hot Tub, Tecopa, California, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 104 degrees F

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