Straight out of the ground


Los Azufres Spa Natural, Mexico

Suppose, there is a world ranking list for "Stinking Hot Springs." Definitely, this hot spring in the Mexican geothermal area will be ranked high in the list.


Hobo Hot Pool, Wyoming

Every year, the amount of donations by individual in the United States becomes more than a hundred times larger than that of Japan. One of the reasons is the difference in tax system, but the cultural difference must affect it.

New Mexico

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, New Mexico

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs is considered one of the oldest spa facilities in the U.S. Just as same as the proverb "things present are judged by the things past," visiting such place may provide telling clues about new ideas.


Pagosa Springs (The Springs Resort & Spa), Colorado

Pagosa Hot Springs seems to be superior to most of great hot springs in Colorado. The powerful nature of the water may be the benefit from the largest known volcanic eruption in Earth's history.

New Mexico

La Paloma Too, New Mexico

Finding a hot spring straight out of the ground is not so easy. Normally, only a tub can be made right above the source of the spring. However, at Truth or Consequences, one of the most famous spa cities in the southwest of the United States, there are many hot tubs with water straight out of the ground.

New Mexico

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, New Mexico

Do you think that the most important element to the efficacy of a hot spring is the contained material? Actually, only a little inclusion can be absorbed through our skin. Today I introduce a hot spring in terms of gravity.

New Mexico

Indian Springs Bath House, New Mexico

I love Indian Hot Springs Bath House the best among all spa facilities in Truth or Consequences. It has only two indoor private baths. The primitive and rustic atmosphere conversely made me feel spiritual affluence.

Eastern United States

Warm Mineral Springs, Florida

Do you associate Florida with a beach or an amusement park? Do not forget the hot spring with rotten egg odor.

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