Colorado _My Favorites [2/5]

Indian Hot Springs, Colorado

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Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado is considered to be starting from a mining town. In a cave that reminds of ancient times, I soaked in hot springs.

Colorado _My Favorites [3/5]

Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa, Colorado

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It was snowing in Colorado even in October. I visited a hot spring inn deep in the mountains, thinking that it should be nice to soak in the snowy landscape.

Mexico _My Favorites [3/5]

Hotel Agua Blanca, Mexico

It is about an hour’s drive from Mariposa Monarca Preservation to the superb hot spring resort. There are must-see pools with beautiful gradation utilizing the mineral water rich in iron.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Los Azufres Spa Natural, Mexico

Suppose, there is a world ranking list for "Stinking Hot Springs." Definitely, this hot spring in the Mexican geothermal area will be ranked high in the list.

Wyoming _My Favorites [3/5]

Hellie's Teepee Pools, Wyoming

2020/4/1    ,

I like to spend all day long doing nothing special other than soaking and lying down. It must be better if there is good hot spring water. Such place is in the state of Wyoming.

New Mexico _My Favorites [4/5]

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, New Mexico

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs is considered one of the oldest spa facilities in the U.S. Just as same as the proverb "things present are judged by the things past," visiting such place may provide telling clues about new ideas.

Colorado _My Favorites [2/5]

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Colorado

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Is the evolution of humankind the science and technology? It is said that in the 14th century the indigenous people living in the southwest Colorado were "disappeared." They might suggest another possibility of our evolution.

New Mexico _My Favorites [3/5]

Blackstone Hotsprings, New Mexico

Blackstone Hotsprings is one of the most accomplished hotels in Truth or Consequence. Not only the guest rooms, but also bathrooms take different twists.

New Mexico _My Favorites [3/5]

Riverbend Hot Springs, New Mexico

Truth or Consequences is known as one of the most largest spa cities in Southwestern United States. Originally named Hot Springs, the city changed its name to this strange name, the title of a popular radio program. Riverbend Hot Springs is one of the popular hot springs inns at Truth or Consequences.

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