Natural hot springs


Kaiser Hot Springs, Arizona

This must be one of the craziest hot springs in the world. On a dry wash, around the watering place of mustangs, the tub is full of cautionary statements.


Verde Hot Springs, Arizona

I have not seen such a weird and beautiful place. A quint hotel that started their business in the 1920s was burned down a long time ago; the ruin had to be known as a hideaway of nudists, which remains even today in some cases. On the way I lost my car.


Alkali Hot Springs, Nevada

The mining city was abandoned after the gold rush went by. At the ruin of a spa resort nearby, great water is gushing.

New Mexico

San Francisco Hot Springs, New Mexico

It is not San Francisco, the metropolis famous for the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco Hot Springs in the State of New Mexico is suitable for a single-day hiking.


Gillard Hot Springs, Arizona

The road to the hottest spring in Arizona is thoroughly destroyed by flash flood. Scalding water in 180 degrees F water is gushing in the remote area.

New Mexico

Turkey Creek Hot Springs, New Mexico

Nowadays google tells us even a little-known hot spring deep in the mountains. It may not be a truly secluded hot spring.


Buckeye Hot Springs, California

This hot springs in California are really unique. Pools are both on the slope and the bottom of a canyon.


Travertine Hot Springs, California

At a hot spring where the spectacular travertine is worth the name, I could not help appreciating the nature.


Baker Hot Springs, Utah

Acting on one’s value sometimes accompanies with loneliness. At a backwoods hot spring, consider what it is to live.


Las Cruces (Gaviota) Hot Springs, California

There are hot spring lovers, but no earthquake lovers. However, hot springs and earthquakes are closely related. It is imaginable that in case of a volcanic earthquake, the magma heats the groundwater. In case of an earthquake caused by a slip of fault, is there any relevance?

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