Natural hot springs


Boiling River Hot Springs (Yellowstone National Park), Wyoming

It was literally free-flowing. I was so excited about the massive amount of hot water, while I might be under the cold eyes of buffalos and elks.


Fifth Water (Diamond Fork) Hot Springs, Utah

Cold water flows down the waterfall. In the both sides of the plunge basin, hot mineral water is gushing.


Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Springs, Oregon

I felt that soaking in hot springs is much more popular in Oregon than in other states. I saw many people around the less-known hot springs in the forest.


Tecopa Mud Baths, California

Where are the hot springs? When searching for the place in the desert, I found a man walking wrapped in a robe.


Spencer Hot Springs, Nevada

Spencer Hot Springs is one of the most popular geothermal pools in the state of Nevada. Around a hill, there are several pools that RVs can park in the near distance.


3 Mile Hot Spring, Nevada

No one seems to have interest in the beautiful milky-white water gushing close to the town. Enjoy the remarkable texture of the water.


Deep Creek Hot Springs, California

These are the ideal natural hot springs near Los Angeles. Several ways reach them; I chose Bowen Ranch that offered the shortest trail.


Panaca Warm Springs, Nevada

Searching for hot springs, I visited a pond in a small town. The warm water was clearer than expected. It looked a good spot for swimming in summer.


Reese River Hot Springs

Nevada was under the heavily overcast sky. I was covered in mud, and finally reached the springs. Hot water was gushing in a pasture, which was piped to a cow trough.


12 Mile Hot Springs, Nevada

One of the largest outdoor hot springs in Nevada is here. The well-maintained hot springs provide clear and odorless water, which may appeal to all tastes.

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