California _My Favorites [4/5]

Mercey Hot Springs, California

Mercey Hot Springs offers one of the best qualities of water among hot springs near San Jose, California. Both outdoor baths and indoor baths consist of small tubs, so that water remains super fresh.

Colorado _My Favorites [2/5]

Indian Hot Springs, Colorado

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Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado is considered to be starting from a mining town. In a cave that reminds of ancient times, I soaked in hot springs.

Colorado _My Favorites [3/5]

Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa, Colorado

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It was snowing in Colorado even in October. I visited a hot spring inn deep in the mountains, thinking that it should be nice to soak in the snowy landscape.

Idaho _My Favorites [2/5]

Home Hotel Lave Hot Springs, Idaho

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The spa town is located in the south of Idaho, and is only two hours’ drive from Salt Lake City of Utah. I enjoyed the extremely hot water of Lave Hot Springs in the guest room.

New Mexico _My Favorites [3/5]

Sundial Springs, New Mexico

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The camping ground is located in the middle of nowhere in Gila National Forest. Dip in hot springs in the quiet forest.

New Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Sunnyville Trailer Court, New Mexico

Some hot springs inns in the US can be found via Airbnb. I enjoyed “glamping” in a RV Park for a weekly rent.

Mexico _My Favorites [3/5]

Hotel Agua Blanca, Mexico

It is about an hour’s drive from Mariposa Monarca Preservation to the superb hot spring resort. There are must-see pools with beautiful gradation utilizing the mineral water rich in iron.

Nevada _My Favorites [3/5]

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs, Nevada


The camping ground is in the desert near the border between the state of Nevada and California. The amount of the hot springs water is so huge that makes a koi pond.

Mexico _My Favorites [1/5]

Balneario Municipal de Tonatico, Mexico

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It is a kind of devastating experience to see many people soaking in a pool fed by the rich brownish water. What drives Mexican people to dip in hot springs eagerly?

Mexico _My Favorites [1/5]

Agua Amarilla, Mexico

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In February 2019, the New Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared an end to his country's war on drugs, while bloody insurrections continue. I visited a hot spring in Michoacán, the second drug-producing state in Mexico.

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