Extremely hot

New Mexico

Middle Fork (Lightfeather) Hot Springs, New Mexico

American Indians are the indigenous people of the USA, which is today commonly called Native Americans. In the mountains of New Mexico, there remain cliff dwellings of their ancestors. Around them, hot springs are gushing even today.


Penny Hot Springs, Colorado

A natural hot spring is a mineral spring with free-flowing water, where is no commercial facilities. Normally such places are in secluded areas. Penny Hot Springs in Colorado is, on the other hand, one of  exceptions.


Pagosa Springs (The Springs Resort & Spa), Colorado

Pagosa Hot Springs seems to be superior to most of great hot springs in Colorado. The powerful nature of the water may be the benefit from the largest known volcanic eruption in Earth's history.


Mision Comanjilla, Mexico

The largest enchantment of Mexico may be a kind of roughness both in a positive and negative way. In terms of hot springs, the roughness often realizes wild free-flowing use of the spring.

New Mexico

Jemez Springs Bath House, New Mexico

Not only individual tastes but also cultures define the comfort temperature. There are many hot springs in the USA, but most of them are not so hot. Indeed, it may be reasonable considering its lower physical burden. However, sometimes you may want to renew myself in body and spirit, by soaking in extremely hot water.


Nurturing Nest Mineral Hot Springs & Spa, California

Desert Hot Springs is one of the most popular spa cities close to L.A. The well-known place has excellent hot springs water.

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