Sunnyville Trailer Court, New Mexico

Some hot springs inns in the US can be found via Airbnb.

I enjoyed “glamping” in a RV Park for a weekly rent.

Full Hookup RV Park

I thought I experienced all spa facilities in Truth or Consequences, but it was not true.

When I looked into Airbnb, one of the most famous brokers for lodging, I found several inns with hot springs water that I had never seen.


I made the reservation in a moment and visited the place.

The exterior looked like a hideaway.


Sunnyville Trailer Court is primarily a RV Park for a weekly use.

If I was traveling with a camping car, I might find the place.


35-feet trailers can be parked.

Each site is separated by private walls; Full Hookup.


Out of 12 sites, only one is for Airbnb guests.

They offer a huge tent that is designed for “glamping” (Glamorous + Camping).


In daytime the inside tends to be too hot.

In that case this cooling mechanism does work utilizing the heat of evaporation.

Cooling Mechanism

The interior looks cool featuring some IKEA’s furniture.

They have enough accommodation including a refrigerator.

Inside Tent

Cow Trough Tubs

There are three tubs outside next to the bathroom.

These are all metal cow troughs.


Overnight guests can fill the tubs with fresh water hot whenever they like.

Patio Area

The largest circular tub looks on to the patio with some outdoor sofas.

Outdoor Pool

The area is separated with a net curtain, but is on full display.

Water Outlet

When turning the yellow lever, the tub becomes full in around 10 minutes.

The bathing rule was apparently clothing optional.


The sense of openness was awesome.

The edge of tubs is covered with cushioned pool noodles.

Indoor Pool 1

The other two thin tubs look more private.

Indoor Pool 2

The water temperature was 109 degrees F at the water outlet.


I really enjoyed the glamping experience in the quiet environment.

Sunnyville Trailer Court, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
My Favorites[2/5]
LodgingYes (Online Reservation via Airbnb)
Official WebsiteYes


  1. Hi Gaelan, thank you for stopping by my blog. Actually I loved something different from orginary hotels/inns, even if something is hot or cold. Good to know the vintage trailer is available now that was under construction during my stay!

  2. Sunnyville Trailer Court says:

    Hi Ken, Gaelan here from Sunnyville. Thanks for sharing your experience about our place.

    I just wish you had told us the tent was too hot, because it turns out that the AC unit vent had fallen out of the window. Normally it’s easy to keep Queens Landing at perfect temperatures in winter or summer.

    Anyway we hope you come back to Sunnyville next time you’re in NM, we now also have vintage trailers available for overnight “glamping.”

    See more at

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