Spence Hot Springs, New Mexico

Sometimes hot springs and caves are related.

Gushing springs sometimes create a cave, and its rustic atmosphere makes hot springs more attractive.

Inside the cave, you may have a mysterious feeling of relief.

Bradbury Science Museum

Atomic bombs used in the World War II were designed and created in Los Alamos.

Bradbury Science Museum

If you want to understand the tragedy from the both parties, Bradbury Science Museum would be one of the places you must visit.

Spence Hot Springs

It is 40 minutes’ drive from Los Alamos.


There is a parking lot near the spa town, Jemez Springs.


You will walk a beautiful trail and after 15 minutes’ hiking, you would find open-air tubs with a superb outlook.

Two pools

There are double-deck tubs on a hillside, and here is the lower tub.

The Lower Pool

Considering no one maintains the hot spring, it would be difficult to expect greater landscape than here.

The Lower Pool2

You will be in a prime location overlooking beautiful mountains.

This is the upper tub.

The Upper Pool

Unfortunately, supplied amount of the spring is insufficient, and water does not look fresh in most areas.

However, this place’s greatest attraction is in the different point.

The source of spring provided to the two tubs is in a cave next to the upper tub.

Entrance of the Cave

The entrance of the cave is so small that you need move on your stomach, but there is a enough room in it for three people to get comfortable.

From the remotest part, clear and colorless water is gushing, so that the room is kept clean.

There is natural warmth all over the cave, and you will have mysterious feeling of relief.

Inside the Cave

Only a negative point is that so many hikers look in the cave.

Without the fault, I thought I could stay inside on eternity in meditation.

Spence Hot Springs, Jemez Springs, New Mexico, USA
My Favorite [2/5]
Walk-in Yes
Lodging No
Official Website No

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