Sierra Hot Springs, California

The modern notion of Spirituality is considered to be mainly derived from the New Age movement, which reached the heights of prosperity in California during the 60s and 70s.

The atmosphere of the west coast that generated the New Age has an affinity for hot springs.

A spa facility with natural hot springs makes good business sense, as a place to be oneself.

The Globe Hotel

Honestly I was reluctant to stay at this hotel.

The Globe Hotel 1

I read some reviews saying that it was haunted, and felt it somewhat realistic seeing the old building in a ghost town.

This hotel is the one operated under Sierra Hot Springs.

The Globe Hotel 3

If not for staying for several days, you have to choose the Globe Hotel, which is a few minutes’ drive from the hot springs.

The Globe Hotel 4

I thought it might be a stranger happening that Asian people like me spend a night at such historic hotel.

Anyhow I slept very well and woke up in the fresh morning.

The shared kitchen was well-equipped.

The Globe Hotel 2

I would recommend self-catering buying food at Reno, Nevada.

Sierra Hot Springs

Sierra Hot Springs is self-defined as a workshop center for a retreat.

The modern meaning of a “retreat” is to help one break away from the mechanical life and move into a space that helps to discover and re-establish oneself by growing mentally.

Office 1

The premises are in the forest next to a local airport.

Even a guest of the Globe Hotel has to check in the Main Lodge.

Office 2

They have three hot springs in the large area, so that using a car may be better if you are going to soak (excluding the Phoenix Bath).

Let’s go to the Main Pool.


It is 10 minutes’ walk from the parking area.

In the near side of the Main Pool, there are hot tubs that are not officially introduced.

Small Tubs 1

Two clawfoot tubs are fed by 95 degrees F water.

I liked the warm temperature, but disliked the lack of cleanliness and privacy.

Small Tubs 2

In the right side there is a shower/changing room.

The structure looks like an observatory is the Temple Dome.

Temple Dome Hot Pool 1

The Main Pool is behind the dome, which is a large outside pool with 100 degrees F water.

The Temple Dome provides the hottest (109 degrees F) water among the facility.

The pentagon-shaped windows allow sunlight to go inside, full of the strong sulfur smell.

Temple Dome Hot Pool 2

The spring water comes straight out of the ground in the circular pool.

In the both ends of religious stained-glass, there are two tubs with cold water.

Temple Dome Hot Pool 3

In the opposite side, a timber structure is located in the oriental mood.

All the spa areas are clothing optional.

Temple Dome Hot Pool 4

All the spa areas are clothing optional.

The Phoenix Baths 1

Next I went to the Phoenix Bath.

It is a private bathhouse for a first-come-first-serve use.

The Phoenix Baths 2

They have only two bathrooms.

The building is on a hillside with a view.

The Phoenix Baths 3

The near side bathroom is surrounded by walls.

The spring water was only 91 degrees F, so that the room might be suitable for chilly morning and evening.

The Phoenix Baths 4

I loved the other bathroom the best in Sierra Hot Springs.

Open-air Bathroom 1

It is a corner room with many mosquito screens.

Open-air Bathroom 2

It takes 30 minutes to fill up the freshwater in the tub.

Open-air Bathroom 3

The well-ventilated room was awesome.

Open-air Bathroom 4

I truly retreated in the water with smooth texture.

Open-air Bathroom 5

Finally I visited the Meditation Pool.

The small rock pool had the water of 100 degrees F.

The Meditation Pool

It is noteworthy how Sierra Hot Springs makes good business sense in the United States, where the business possibility of hot springs has declined, as Western medicine has advanced.

It may be not completely unrelated between the facts that Asians likes hot springs and the community follows in the wake of the New Age movement, which emphasize the nature of Eastern thought.

Sierra Hot Springs, Sierraville, California, USA
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