Paso Robles Inn, California

If you are interested in an elegant a holiday, what about a winery tour in California?

You can enjoy even dipping in a hot spring at Paso Robles.

California Wine

If you regard California State as a country, it would be the fourth-greatest wine producing country in the world after Italy, France, and Spain.

The history of California wine is far older than anticipated.

Underground at Justin Winery

Photo by kylesteed – Underground at Justin Winery (2012) / CC BY-NC 2.0

In the 18th centuries, Spanish missionaries are considered the origin that began to establish vineyards.

Nowadays approximately two thousands wineries operates the business in California.

Paso Robles Inn


The area between Los Angeles and San Francisco is one of the most beautiful countryside where the most vineyards concentrate.

Paso Robles Inn is a hotel located in such major production area of wines, and overnight guests can enjoy the hot spring water in the guest rooms.

Be careful not all guest rooms have the tubs; you need to make sure to reserve a “Spa Room.”


Spa Rooms are decorated by different local wineries, and it seem a good idea for guests who are to go to winery tours.

A hot tub is in the terrace.


In the open space facing the courtyard, you will find a ready-made Jacuzzi.

The faucet looks stylish, but are there any problems getting clogged with hot spring deposits?

Curtain Opened

If you prefer to dip in the water with nothing on, you  have to close the canvas curtains as a blinder.

Curtains Closed

Then the wide open space disappears.

The hot water around 113 degrees F has little features.

Slightly Greenish

If you expect characteristic water like Franklin Hot Springs, it must be disappointing.

The slightly greenish water accompanies several black deposits of minerals, but no smell.

Beautiful Garden

Something is wrong.

According to past reviews, the quality of water used to be similar to Sycamore Hot Springs.

It may be just tap water; or sulfurous contents may be removed in order not to make average guests feel bad.

Sadly, most guests with a glass of wine in their hands would not be interested in the authentic hot springs water.

Common Pool

Common pool provides mineral water too, but the condition is horrible being chlorinated.

I decided to sleep early after drinking nice wines.

Paso Robles Inn, Paso Robles, California, USA
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