Mision Comanjilla - Hot Springs in Mexico

The largest enchantment of Mexico may be a kind of roughness both in a positive and negative way.

In terms of hot springs, the roughness often realizes wild free-flowing use of the spring.


The downtown of Guanajuato is declared a World Heritage site where the atmosphere of Spanish colonial era remains.

 Guanajuato, Mexico

Photo by Russ Bowling - Guanajuato, Mexico (2014) / CC BY 2.0

Through 18th century, this city had produced one-third of silver in the world, and is famous for its beautiful night view like a jewelry box.

Outdoor Pools

It is an hour’s drive from the downtown of Guanajuato to get to the beautiful hotel.


Surprisingly, the staffs asked me to call them whenever I got into the guest room, because the self-locking doors were broken.


At first, I felt suspicious about their explanation, but I noticed all doors were actually broken down when I saw many staffs desperately keep running around.

This is Mexican quality; it is impossible to hate.

Large Pool1

The spring water is fed into the outdoor pool.

Large Pool2

You can notice this is indeed a hot spring, but the atmosphere is not so relaxing.

Large Pool3

Let's go to the source of the spring behind the hotel.

Source of Spring1

The right side pool is dried in the sun, on the other hand, boiling spring water is gushing out from the left side well.

Source of Spring2

Around the well, there is hot air containing volcanic gas, and wild squirrels are enjoying the steam bath.


So cute...
I believe capybaras are prettier.

The small outdoor tubs in the back are available only for spa’s visitors.

I felt it disappointing that I could not soak near the source of the spring, even though there seemed to be enough facilities.

Fabulous Hot Tub

Guest Room

Going back to the guest room, I tried the hot spring there.

Indoor Tub1

Then any frustrations disappeared when I saw at first glance the great water.

Indoor Tub2

The extremely hot water has sulfur dioxide odor like gunpowder burning, but the condition is not stable; sometimes it looks black, sometimes transparent.

Indoor Tub3

The wild free-flowing tub is filled with enchantment of Mexican hot springs.


Mision Comanjilla, Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing required / Private bathroom / Hot tub in guestroom
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 140 degrees F

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