Meadow Hot Spring [PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in the U.S.

A lava flow sometimes creates lava tubes.

In case of low-viscosity magma, being exposed to the air, the external side becomes hard and the central portion flows outwardly.

Inside the cavity made though the process, hot springs are gushing.

Meadow Lava Tube

At the middle point between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, there exists Black Rock Desert Volcanic Field.

The only thing you see is just the rocky landscape and no typical volcanos, which means the low viscosity of magma.


Photo by Bryant Olsen - INSIDE THE 2ND LAVA TUBE (2008) / CC BY-NC 2.0

Such a basaltic lava flow sometimes creates lava tubes, and it shows that the volcano is geologically new because of the fragile structure of caves.

The eruption around here is considered only 1,300 years ago.

Beyond Muddy Road

It is 30 minutes’ drive from the giant cave, Meadow Lava Tube to a parking lot in the meadowland.

Muddy Road1

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The hot springs are in the private property.

Three hot springs are gushing within walking distance.

Muddy Road2

The trail is muddy and it seems like impossible to find clean hot tubs.

Suddenly, you will see a large pool.

The First Pool

The water temperature is tepid, around 95 degrees F, and 20 feet deep at a maximum.

The pool is not directly located on the meadowland.

Hot springs water is gushing inside the rocky lava tube, so that it looks crystal clear.

The Second Pool

Since many people were enjoying in the first pool, I moved to the second pool in the back.

Water Surface1

The water in the gourd-shaped pool was a bit cooler and looks more transparent.

Crystal Clear1

The area between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada is called the Great Basin.

No rivers flow from this basin to the ocean.

Crystal Clear2

Shower of rain has to either evaporate or leak in the ground, and a part of it appears again above soil.

Water Surface2

The magma that created the curious geography in 700 years ago still heats up the water in the outdoor bath.


Meadow Hot Spring [PRIVATE PROPERTY], Meadow, Utah, U.S.


  • Style
    Undeveloped (donation basis)
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 95 degrees F

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