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Little Hot Creek Hot Springs, California

Where did life begin on the ancient earth?

The ocean has been thought to be the origin, and scientists explained that hydrothermal vents in the deep water had the necessary energy and elements for life to begin.

Nowadays, a new theory is advocated.

Mono Lake

A salt lake in California, Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes, which was created 760 K years ago.

Mono Lake

Photo by Twinmama - Mono Lake (2012) / CC BY-SA 2.0

The unusual landscape is due to the hot springs gushing from the bottom to build tufa towers.

In 2010, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) caused a controversy that they found newly discovered bacteria that eat arsenic to raise the DNA.

After that, many opposing opinions have convicted that NASA's announcement contained a significant factual error and these bacteria could live in concentrated arsenic, but did not use it for the life maintenance.

In any case, it is true that special creatures are living near the hot springs.

Little Hot Creek

It is 40 minutes' drive from the lake to Long Valley Caldera, which was created during the ultra-Plinian eruptions 760 thousand years ago.

Hot Creek Geological Site

Many hot springs are gushing inside, and the most famous one is this park where shows the beautiful bluish water but is off-limits due to the danger.

Source of the Spring

It is 15 minutes’ drive from the park to the sources of the springs.

Little Hot Creek1

Hot water is flowing in the creek nearby.

Little Hot Creek2

Into the mortar tub, 106 degrees F water is provided through a pipe with an adjustable valve.

The water was not so characteristic, but I really enjoyed soaking in the snow scene.

Little Hot Creek Hot Springs2

The new theory about the origin of life advocates that life begin around hot springs on the ground.

Little Hot Creek Hot Springs1

According to the opinion, the prototypes of cells are be shaped by the membrane during alternate wetting and drying by hot springs water.

Little Hot Creek Hot Springs3

It seems reasonable that it easily spreads and disappears even if the materials of life exist in the deep ocean.

In 1871, C. Darwin, father of the evolutionary theory suggested that life began in "warm little ponds."

Snow Scene

His idea may have been correct from the beginning.


Little Hot Creek Hot Springs, マンモス・レイクス, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ

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Little Hot Creek Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, California, USA
My Favorites[3/5]
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Why don’t you think of the origin of life, having the glorious view?

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