La Paloma Too, New Mexico

It is not easy to find a hot spring straight out of the ground.

Such springs are generally rare, because only a tub can be placed right above the source of the spring.

However, in Truth or Consequences, one of the largest spa cities in the southwestern United States, there is plentiful water straight out of the ground.

Passion Pie Cafe

Passion Pie Cafe2

First, I would like to introduce a nice café in Truth or Consequences.

Passion Pie Cafe3

Passion Pie Cafe is always full of local customers.

Passion Pie Cafe1

This place’s specialty is a quiche.

The texture is so soft and delicate that may breakdown the stereotype that American food tends to be flat-tasting.


La Paloma Too

Until recently, this facility only for walk-in was open under the name of Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs.


As per the new name, La Paloma Too, the owner of the inn next door, La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, took over the place.


As is often the case with hot springs straight out of the ground, the building is at a level lower than streets.


The rate is $7 for 30 minutes’ soak, and $12 for an hour; the same as the inn next door.


Water temperature per tub is indicated on a bulletin board.

Bulletin Board

It is amazing that there are so many (seven) private baths, which means plentiful water.

Going through the corridor between bathrooms, let us go to one of the private baths.


This is one of the smallest rooms.

Small Tub

It seems strange to have a soak in such small tub, after driving vast extent of land.

Large Tub1

The structure of bathrooms is similar to the inn next door, but it seems more old-fashioned.

Large Tub2

This is one of the largest tubs.

A hot spring maniac should be impressed by the spring straight out of the ground, cobbled with small stones.

However, this place pales by comparison to the beautiful inn next door.

The worst thing was “healing” music played from beginning to end.

From my opinion, sound is one of the most important elements of hot springs.

It would be relaxing to enjoy the sound of stream overflowing from a tub, but this place seems to make light of such element of hot springs.

La Paloma Too, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
Walk-inYes (Sunday – Thursday 2:00pm – 8:00pm, Friday – Saturday 2:00pm – 10:00pm)
Official WebsiteNo

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