House of Siloam - Hot Springs in the U.S.

Not only Japanese people, but also Korean people enthusiastically love hot springs.

In the United States, the Korean community is one of the forces.

They maintain a hot spring with strong sulfur smell, which most U.S. people do not understand the value.

Korean Owner

It is an hour’s drive from the central part of L.A.

There is a spa town, Lake Elsinore along the highway.


This motel with hot springs was established by a Japanese minister, but today the owner changed to Korean.

In the back of the drop curtain with Hangul written on it, there is a common pool (clothing required).


Walk-ins are welcome at $20.

For lodging, visitors can enjoy the water in their own rooms.

Strong Sulfur Smell

Hydrogen sulfide is typical smell around hot springs, and is often said to be smell of rotten eggs.

It is natural that people dislike smell of something rotten, but most Japanese and Korean people love it even if he or she is not a hot spring maniac.

However, most people in other countries recognize it disgusting and uncleanly smell.

Outdoor Tub

This hot spring has strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, which is rare case in the United States, and that is why Japanese and then Korean community has maintained it.

While the two ethnic groups have similar sensitivity about hot springs, there is also a gap in values.

Whirlpool Tub

Japanese people give priority on free-flowing water; but Korean do not seem to find out satisfaction from that point.

So, it is catchment water, right?

The Korean owner understood the gap in values.

Even though I asked her nothing, she poured fresh spring water only for me.

Hot Tub2

It was disappointing that she stopped water supply just in five minutes, but I noticed the great nature of the spring.

In fact, you can enjoy the fresh spring at another place.


In the washing place, you can take a shower of the hot spring as much as you like.

Generally, Korean people take so long time for washing and massaging their body at hot springs.

Thinking that, this shower of spring’s water may be reasonable.

Likeness may make small differences more serious.


House of Siloam, Lake Elsinore, California, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required/Tub in room
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    126 degrees F (at source)