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Hoosier Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.

Truth or Consequences is always quiet.

One day I visited a new spa facility opened in 2017.

Historic Apartment

I was surprised to know that a new hot spring for walk-in opened in the tranquil Truth or Consequences.

Exterior 1

I got surprised again to see the old buildings.

The Hoosier Apartment, constructed in 1937 had been spending the rest of life, and opened for walk-ins without being renovated.

Hoosier is the official nickname for a resident of the State of Indiana, which originally means an unsophisticated person with no class or couth.


Taking a quick look at the history, Mr. and Mrs. Lotz emigrated from Indiana to Santa Fe in New Mexico.

As health-conscious people, they became interested in Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs nearby, and finally owned the apartment with hot springs water here in T or C.

Looking closely at the shabby buildings, it was gorgeously decorated.

Exterior 2

Hot Springs in the State of Arkansas proves that a hot spring had been highly expected to perform advancement of health before the development of medical technology.

This apartment must have been for affluent people as well.

Outdoor Tub 1

They open only 1pm to 8:30.

The rate is just 5 dollars for 30 minutes per couple.

Outdoor Tub 2

There are 4 baths for the private use; out of them 3 are outdoor tubs.

The outdoor tubs seem to be added recently.

Actually I do not like the plasticky Jacuzzi.

Atmospheric Indoor Bath

The other bath is inside the building.

Door to Indoor Bath

The large room can be rent with just 5 dollars.

They also offered free clean towels.

Indoor Bath 1

Is it a charity?
Amazingly inexpensive.

The tub against the walls is for about three people.

Indoor Bath 2

The pipe on the near side is the water outlet, which provides mineral water under the water surface.

The discharge outlet is against walls.

Indoor Bath 3

The water input was not so affluent.

It was around 108 degrees F, which I felt a little bit lukewarm.

From the Tub

On the other hand I enjoyed the historic atmosphere in the room.

It was really "hoosier" hot springs with the gently priced service.


Hoosier Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Private bathroom
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 108 degrees F

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