Hellie's Teepee Pools - Hot Springs in the U.S.

I like to spend all day long doing nothing special other than soaking and lying down.

It must be better if there is good hot spring water.

Such place is in the State of Wyoming.

American Bison

You can find herds of the American Bison, commonly known as buffalo in Hot Springs State Park.

Lone Bison Bull

Photo by J. Stephen Conn - Lone Bison Bull (2009) / CC BY-NC 2.0

The numbers of bison in North America before the Westerner's settlement are estimated 60 million.

A bison was one of the major food sources among American Indians, so that it has a history of being aggressively killed in order to integrate American Indian into the U.S. administrative system.

There is natural thermal water gushing in the state park.

White Sulfur Spring

White Sulfur Spring, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

The deposits tell the superior quality of the water, but you cannot dip in it because there is no pool.

Old Health Resort


Out of three walk-in spa facilities, Hellie’s Teepee Pools looks rustic.

Indeed the dome-shaped ceiling is interesting, but apparently gets older.

Around Water Outlet

As for myself, I like its rundown atmosphere.

Teplee-like ceiling

In the characteristic ceiling, there is a large indoor pool.

The water slide is for children, but the water comes from the mineral source not chlorinated.

Water Outlet

The water temperature of the largest pool is 95 degrees F.

The small zone is around 104 degrees F.

Indoor Pool

All spa facilities in the Hot Springs State Park uses the same water from a source, but the appearance differs depending on the addition of tap water and the progress of oxidation.

Adding tap water makes it transparent, and time after gushing from the ground makes the water opaque.

Indoor Hot Tub

I like the steam bath the best in this facility.

Hot mineral water gushes out to the room full of smell of volcanic gas.

Steam Room & Sauna

The hot air in the room was so comfortable that it makes the time pass quickly.

Is it safe?
I don't care.

Outdoor Pool

The water temperature in the outside pool is 91 degrees F.

Next to the pool, there are the step-like tubs fed by free-flowing mineral water.

Outdoor Hot Tub

The temperature is around 106 degrees F that is suitable for soaking.


Hot Springs State Park Bathhouse nearby is complimentary, but you have to exit in a 20-minute as a rule.

Only with 12.50 dollars, the Hellie's Teepee Pools allows you to spend all day long, doing nothing special other than soaking and laying down.


Hellie's Teepee Pools, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.



Try the steam bath, full of volcanic smell.

  • Walk-in: Yes (9:00 AM -9:00 PM)
  • Lodging: No


Related Hot Springs

Star Plunge is the other privately owned spa facility.

Star Plunge

Star Plunge, Thermopolis, Wyoming, U.S.

It is over 100 years old, but renovated and looks more popular than Hellie's Teepee Pools.

In the first place, it is hardly imaginable that private facilities use the hot spring water in a publicly owned park.

The trick is the vested interests, but these facilities are facing existential emergency due to the reorganization of the state park.

If an excess regulation spoils the enchantment of American hot springs, it is the loss or damage to the U.S. citizen.

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