Gold Strike Hot Spring, Nevada

Every year the trail to the hot spring is closed from May 15th through October 1st.

The penalty up to $5,000 and 6 months in jail will be imposed on violators.

Nevertheless, you have to be grateful to be alive.

Hoover Dam

During the Great Depression starting from 1929, Hoover Dam created employment and contributed to the economic growth.

Photo by Airwolfhound – Hoover Dam (2014) / CC BY-SA 2.0

The depression that led to constructing the dam near Las Vegas also generated Block Economy.

Block Economy was an economic policy for overcoming the depression, by making a self-sufficient economic bloc with the homeland and colonies, surrounded by protective custom duties.

Japan, one of the resources have-nots, justified their wartime military aggression to expand colonies and to survive in the egocentric world.

Gold Strike Hot Spring

It is less well-known that some hot springs are gushing near Hoover Dam.

A round trip of five miles is full of dangerous rock-climbing.


Many hikers start the journey with a light heart, and realize the challenging steps.

You will see anybody help each other for passing thought the hardest parts.

Dangerous Hiking Trail

However, you will realize the true danger if you know the major reason for the death of 112 workers during the dam’s construction: a heat disorder.

Due to the harsh desert climate, not a few hikers went into death, struggling against the trail.

That is why the trail is closed from spring through autumn.

Starting Point of Hot Spring River

Going half way, you will see the first hot spring of 109 degrees F gushing.

Proceeding further, hot water seeps from everywhere in the rocks, which gradually creates a hot spring river.

Hot Springs Dripping

Volunteers made some pools using sandbags.

The Middle Tub

The comfortable temperature for soaking is the only characteristic of the water.

The Largest Tub

The river finally joins to the River Colorado, in downstream of Hoover Dam.

Looking above, you see the longest concrete arch bridge in the U.S., which was constructed by a Japanese company, Obayashi in 2010.

Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

It can be said that the Great Depression made the United States create the enormous dam, and Japan choose the way to the military aggression; then the loser of the war constructed a huge bridge right in front of the dam.

The dangerous river may be a witness of the curious history.

Goldstrike Hot Springs, Boulder City, Nevada, USA
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  1. Hi Monica,
    Thank you for the comment. The trail seemed far more difficult than expected for average hikers, even though the trailhead was accessible. That might be one of the reasons that you and I saw many people helped each other. It was really heartwarming experience.

  2. Monica says:

    I loved this’s absolutely Gorgeous! Definitely going again!I love the fact that a shelf rack is staged in front of a wall with a sign to encourage visitors to leave waters for others keep hydrate it is very important you do on a long trail and especially when it involves climbing. We left 4 bottles of water. When we were finished going back someone left a case of waters..that was Absolutely a Blessing for others. There are a lot of Great people.Loved this trail highly recommended it.

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