New Mexico

Gila Hot Springs Campground - Hot Springs in the U.S.

Hot water can be a welcome gift in cold weather.

Sometimes hot springs means the difference between life and death, enduring the freezing temperature.

Simple is Best

This place is one of the simplest facilities among the campgrounds at Gila Hot Springs.


The rate is just eight dollars for a night, so you cannot expect much for it.

There are no showers and no flush lavatories.

No kitchen and sink, and what you find is just two faucets of hot springs and tap water.

Experienced campers may enjoy this environment, but for beginners, another campground next to here, Wildwood Retreat would be recommended.


Gila Hot Springs Campground has 12 sites for camping.

The source of the springs is at the opposite shore of the river; and the water is piped to three outdoor baths at the center of the premises.

This pool has a cloth roof.

The rock at the center is suitable for cooling down your heated body.

In Summer

I took another picture for the same pool in summer, and it is absolutely covered in weeds.

It can be said that summer is the best season in terms of privacy, because the three hot pools have neither change rooms nor screens.

Daytime is clothing required, and it becomes clothing optional after dark.

The temperature of the hot springs water is around 140 degrees F, which is more or less subjected to cooling in the pool, but the water is still hot.

Open 24/7

It was hot enough for soaking in deep of winter.

I visited Gila in December, found my favorite Wildwood Retreat closed, and chose this place where opened 365 days a year.


5,500 feet up in the mountains, the air temperature fall to 20 degrees F, and even my blanket froze.

I barely escape alive enduring the freezing temperature, and realized the hot springs were indispensable for the surviving.

It seems just a lack of preparation.
Kind of.



Gila Hot Springs Campground, Gila National Forest, New Mexico, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging (campground)
  • Rule
    Clothing required / Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 140 degrees F

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