Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.

The camping ground is in the desert near the border between the State of Nevada and California.

The amount of the hot springs water is so huge that makes a koi pond.

Savage Scenery

Fish Lake Valley is located in the northwest  of Death Valley; next to White Mountain Peak that makes state line between Nevada and California.

Dirt Road

The middle of nowhere has impressive sceneries of a deserted landscape.

It is around 30 minutes’ drive along the dirt road.

Water Tank

The road surface is so firm that it is accessible for a normal vehicle.

This water tank is the landmark; there is a fee-free campground.

The place provides a pit toilet, garbage cans, and BBQ grills.

Hot Well, Not Oil Well


In 1970, thirteen wells were built for oil-drilling.

Hot springs water was found in the only one well, which is located next to the pool.

Hot Well

This area is called Great Basin; no rivers flow to the ocean.

Pool 1

Such geological structure tends to accompany with the artesian groundwater, which makes a flowing well.


Pool 2

The pool is around 12 by 6 feet.

Pool 3

The depth is 3 feet, so I dipped in the water while standing inside.

What a great view...
Impossible to see it when soaking.

Soaking 2

The amount of water is 50 gallons per minute, which makes it clean enough.

I was about to be washed out of the current, because the surface of the pool was really slippery covered with moss.

Soaking 1

You may use a scrub brush equipped if you want it.

The water is 40 degrees F water, without taste and odor.

Outflow 1

It flows out in a great deal from the rift of the walls.

Outflow 2

Cars can be parked right next to the pool.

Pond 1

It takes time for hot springs water to leak in the desert, so that there is a man-made pond with colorful koi swimming.

Pond 2

Definitely it will be great camping, while soaking in the beautiful scenery, and playing in the warm pond.


Fish Lake Valley Hot Well, Dyer, Nevada, U.S.


  • Style
    Undeveloped (camping allowed)
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 104 degrees F

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