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Charles Motel & Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.

What do you imagine the future?

Science and technology has been developed greatly, but still the frontier seems to exist around the space exploration.

The world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport is located near the spa town, Truth or Consequences.

Spaceport America

The State of New Mexico established a spaceport, increasing sales tax for the financial source.

Land Rover Discovery Sport | Behind the Scenes

Photo by Land Rover MENA - Land Rover Discovery Sport | Behind the Scenes (2014) / CC BY 2.0

Here is the departure point of the space journey that Virgin Galactic organizes.

Participants will experience the complete non-gravity only in four minutes.

A number of millionaires in the world have already paid over 250,000 dollars for this short trip.

The project had stagnated since the fall accident in 2014; nowadays they began to intensify the activities again.

Jacuzzi on the Roof

It is 40 minutes' drive from the spaceport to T or C, one of the largest spa towns in the southwestern United States.


This motel, the nearest to the interstates highway has both outdoor and indoor baths.


Store-bought Jacuzzis are placed on the clattered rooftop.


Opening a valve, hot water of 113 degrees F starts to be poured.

There are no protections against sun, so that the tubs are extremely heated and you have to add tap water.

Outdoor Tub

I felt the smell of plastic tub spoil the delicate hot spring water.

Historic Indoor Baths

Indoor baths are located in curtained areas in big rooms.

The each narrow room is for each guest.


The structure looks similar to Jemez Springs Bath House, but the big rooms here are gender-separated in contrast.

Indoor Tub1

Pouring it into the old tiled tub, you will enjoy the delicate hot spring water in a space all your own.

Indoor Tub

After enjoying the fruits of the earth, hot springs; you may go spaceward and observe the planet.

The dream will come true in a few years.

Such rich man will not stay at a motel...


Charles Motel & Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Private bathroom
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 113 degrees F

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