Utah _My Favorites [5/5]

Fifth Water (Diamond Fork) Hot Springs, Utah

Cold water flows down the waterfall. In the both sides of the plunge basin, hot mineral water is gushing.

Utah _My Favorites [5/5]

Baker Hot Springs, Utah

Acting on one’s value sometimes accompanies with loneliness. At a backwoods hot spring, consider what it is to live.

Utah _My Favorites [2/5]

Meadow Hot Spring, Utah

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A lava flow sometimes creates lava tubes. In case of low-viscosity magma, being exposed to the air, the external side becomes hard and the central portion flows outwardly. Inside the cavity made though the process, hot springs are gushing.

Utah _My Favorites [5/5]

Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

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People may think a hippie as the thing of the past, with the negative images like the abuse of drugs or freedom of sex. It is relatively unknown that Steve Jobs who created iPhone had the thought and creed.

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