Hot Springs in California; Los Angeles


Mercey Hot Springs, California

Mercey Hot Springs offers one of the best qualities of water among hot springs near San Jose, California. Both outdoor baths and indoor baths consist of small tubs, so that water remains super fresh.


Tecopa Mud Baths, California

Where are the hot springs? When searching for the place in the desert, I found a man walking wrapped in a robe.


Deep Creek Hot Springs, California

These are the ideal natural hot springs near Los Angeles. Several ways reach them; I chose Bowen Ranch that offered the shortest trail.


Paso Robles Inn, California


If you are interested in an elegant a holiday, what about a winery tour in California? People can enjoy even dipping in a hot tub at Paso Robles.


Buckeye Hot Springs, California

This hot springs in California are really unique. Pools are both on the slope and the bottom of a canyon.


Turtle Back Mesa Bed & Breakfast, California

2020/4/4    ,

The hot spring inn that an elderly couple runs did not meet my needs. My concern moved to the borrowed time of my life.


Franklin Hot Springs, California

In my childhood, the time was felt longer than now. At a rustic spa facility out of step of times, feel the time passing.


Travertine Hot Springs, California

At a hot spring where the spectacular travertine is worth the name, I could not help appreciating the nature.


Las Cruces (Gaviota) Hot Springs, California

There are hot spring lovers, but no earthquake lovers. However, hot springs and earthquakes are closely related. It is imaginable that in case of a volcanic earthquake, the magma heats the groundwater. In case of an earthquake caused by a slip of fault, is there any relevance?


The Inn at Benton Hot Springs, California

You will feel a sense of well-being when dipping in a hot spring. Think of meanings of happiness, viewing the wilderness.

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