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Arizona _My Favorites [2/5]

Hot Well Dunes, Arizona


Near Interstate 10, between Tucson in Arizona and El Paso in Texas, there is a camping ground where ATV lovers gather. A hot spring gushes there pumped up by energy from sunlight.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan, Mexico

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When I ask Mexican friends for their favorite beach resorts, they are likely to answer Puerto Vallarta rather than Cancún. In the mountains behind Puerto Vallarta, there is a local favorite hot spring.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Los Azufres Spa Natural, Mexico

Suppose, there is a world ranking list for "Stinking Hot Springs." Definitely, this hot spring in the Mexican geothermal area will be ranked high in the list.

Arkansas _My Favorites [2/5]

Hot Springs (Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa), Arkansas

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A spa city in the United States has eight bathhouses. In fact, only two are in business. Take a trip to Hot Springs, where symbolizes the flourishing culture of bathing and its decadence.

Eastern United States _My Favorites [2/5]

Armour's Red Boiling Springs Hotel, Tennessee

There are few places providing mineral springs water in the Southern United States. However, when looking at the history, you will notice some places fell into a decline due to advance in medical technology and diversified leisures. Visit the last hot spring in the state of Tennessee.

California _My Favorites [2/5]

Las Cruces (Gaviota) Hot Springs, California

There are hot spring lovers, but no earthquake lovers. However, hot springs and earthquakes are closely related. It is imaginable that in case of a volcanic earthquake, the magma heats the groundwater. In case of an earthquake caused by a slip of fault, is there any relevance?

Utah _My Favorites [2/5]

Meadow Hot Spring, Utah

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A lava flow sometimes creates lava tubes. In case of low-viscosity magma, being exposed to the air, the external side becomes hard and the central portion flows outwardly. Inside the cavity made though the process, hot springs are gushing.

New Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Charles Motel & Hot Springs, New Mexico

What do you imagine the future? Science and technology has been developed greatly, but still the frontier seems to exist around the space exploration. The world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport is located near the spa town, Truth or Consequences.

Hawaii _My Favorites [2/5]

Ahalanui Park [Closed], Hawaii


Ahalanui Park may be one of the most popular hot springs in the Big Island. The place is suitable for all ages due to the safety and cleanliness.

California _My Favorites [2/5]

Delight's Hot Springs Resort, California

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If you stick to what you believe, you will become an expert, while you may look eccentric from amateurs. The boundary between the expert and eccentric is sometimes ambiguous.

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