_My Favorites [2/5]

Colorado _My Favorites [2/5]

Indian Hot Springs, Colorado

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Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado is considered to be starting from a mining town. In a cave that reminds of ancient times, I soaked in hot springs.

Oregon _My Favorites [2/5]

Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Springs, Oregon

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I felt that soaking in hot springs is much more popular in Oregon than in other states. I saw many people around the less-known hot springs in the forest.

California _My Favorites [2/5]

Tecopa Mud Baths, California


Where are the hot springs? When searching for the place in the desert, I found a man walking wrapped in a robe.

Idaho _My Favorites [2/5]

Home Hotel Lave Hot Springs, Idaho

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The spa town is located in the south of Idaho, and is only two hours’ drive from Salt Lake City of Utah. I enjoyed the extremely hot water of Lave Hot Springs in the guest room.

Nevada _My Favorites [2/5]

Carson Hot Springs Resort, Nevada

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The water gushes at 120 degrees F at the source. The historic spa provides it without adding tap water or chlorine to outdoor pools and a variety of private baths.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Baños Termales de Ojocaliente, Mexico


Staffs at the airport said hello to me in Japanese. Aguascalientes is famous for Nissan’s one of most important manufacturing plants in Latin America.

New Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Sunnyville Trailer Court, New Mexico

Some hot springs inns in the US can be found via Airbnb. I enjoyed “glamping” in a RV Park for a weekly rent.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Ixtapan de la Sal (Parque Acuático), Mexico

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For most Mexican people, a hot spring may mean a water park where the whole family can enjoy. Visit one of the largest water parks utilizing hot springs in Latin America.

Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Baños Medicinales del Peñón, Mexico


The hot spring is only 15 minutes’ walk from Mexico City International Airport. The nearly forgotten spring provides sacred water continuously gushing from the age of Tenochtitlan of the Aztec Empire, which is the precursor of Mexico City.

New Mexico _My Favorites [2/5]

Hoosier Hot Springs, New Mexico

Truth or Consequences is always quiet. One day I visited a “new” spa facility opened in 2017.

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