Baker Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.

Acting on one’s value sometimes accompanies with loneliness.

At a backwoods hot spring, think about what it is to live.

Bonneville Salt Flats

Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia becomes famous among tourists crazy about "Instagrammable" spots.

However, is it truly worth of visiting the remote area, being exposed to an altitude illness?

Walking in the water at the Bonneville Salt Flats - Utah

Photo by m01229 - Walking in the water at the Bonneville Salt Flats - Utah (2016) / CC BY-SA 2.0

At an ancient lake, Bonneville Salt Flats in the State of Utah, where is only two hours' drive from Salt Lake City, you can see the impressive sight similar to Uyuni,

Nowadays it seems apparent that photogenic spots are very popular among tourists.

It may mean people have a hungry for need for approval.

Are you talking about yourself?
Maybe, maybe not.

Three Hot Tubs

It is three hours’ drive from Bonneville Salt Flats to a small volcano, Fumarole Butte.

The shield volcano is a relatively new in terms of geology, which is considered to be at bottom of the lake Bonneville in ancient days.


Extremely hot (140 degrees F) water is gushing in the wilderness, and the surface of the ground is colored with the deposits.


The water flows to a structure made of concrete.


Around the tubs, wild camping is permitted.


The stream of spring water is on either side of the three tubs, and a part of it goes into them.


The brownish rags colored by the inclusion play an important role.

Hottest Tub2

I happened to remove them thinking that they were things left behind, but it turned out a mistake.

It controls the water input, and it takes more than 20 minutes if you have a full flow even in 15 seconds.

Hottest Tub1

The hot water accompanies with metallic smell.

In fact, other fresh water is mixed in each tub, so that you can dip in it.

Cold Water1

PVC pipes are crossing in the stream of hot water, and cold water is provided into the tubs.

Cold Water2

I do not know who invented and maintained it, but was struck by the mechanism receiving nothing in return, except for realizing the comfortable soaking.


Baker Hot Springs, Delta, Utah, U.S.


  • Style
    Undeveloped (camping allowed)
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 140 degrees F

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