Yoshino Onsen Motoyu

Do you associate Yoshino in Nara with the cherry blossom viewing?

300 years ago, Mt. Yoshino was also a training site for ascetic pilgrims.

There remains a historical hot spring, where some of them debauched around the water.

In the Corner of Tourist Site

The area between Yoshino in Nara and Kumano in Wakayama is designated a World Heritage site, as “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.”


The Ryokan is 20 minutes’ walk from Kinpusen-ji Temple, where is easy to reach from urban area and many tourists visit.

The atmosphere around the inn is so secluded that you can easily imagine the history of forbidden hot springs.

It has over 300 years’ history, and many ascetic pilgrims visited there.

However, some of them debauched around the water, against the commandment not to eat meats and not to marry.

Finally, it was destroyed, but even after that, someone built a humble shack and visitors enjoyed soaking.


The Ryokan, Yoshino Onsen Motoyu has roots from the history.

Here is also famous for an author, Toson Shimazaki; there remains the room he stayed in.

Relaxing indoor bath

You can have walk-in (rate: 700 yen) except for peak seasons, April and May.

However, available time is only from 11 am to 3 pm, and reservations are strongly recommended because overnight guests have the priority.

Indoor Bath

There are only indoor bathrooms with exes separated.

The water of the spring looks ginger and has odor of metals.

The temperature of the source is 55 degrees F and the raw spring and heated spring are mixed in the tub.

Only men’s bath has a faucet of the source of the spring, and you can even drink the water containing carbon dioxide.

Japanese Garden

Japanese garden that you can see from the bathroom has unique beauty.

You may imagine the history of forbidden hot springs from the beautiful scenery, through steamy windows.

Water Outlet

I do not think pilgrims who were said to debauch failed to achieve enlightenment.

Instead, they might become enlightened in this excellent hot spring, obtaining a sense of peace.

Yoshino Onsen Motoyu, Nara, Japan
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