Yamauchi Onsen Chosei-yu [Closed], Yunokawa Onsen

A retro-flavored public bathhouse is going to close the business.

Hot Springs Bathhouse with Atmosphere

At the eastern end of Hakodate streetcar line, it is just two minutes’ walk from Yunokawa station to the bathhouse.

Light rail

The facility used to be an inn, but today only walk-in is available.

The dressing room looks so old-fashioned that a reception desk is located right between the men’s and women’s rooms.

Change Room

This atmosphere cannot possibly be achieved overnight.

Let Hot Water Cool

Opening the bathroom’s door, you will see an oval tub in the center.

The men’s and women’s rooms are separated by frosted glasses, which makes the room brighter.


The oval tub is divided into two.

As I was the first visitor on that day, the surface of the bigger tub had a membrane made of hot springs deposits.

The water overflows only from the smaller tub.

The fresh hot water is provided firstly to the bigger one, and it moves to the smaller one, being cooled down.


At the opposite side of the door, there is a tank for receiving hot water from a city-owned well.

The tank is covered with yellow ocher deposits, which proves the high content in the water.

The water is directly connected to the bigger tub, and it was fed by extremely hot water around 120 degrees F.

It was too hot to bathe even a foot.


I tried to cool it down, by adding city water from the faucet to the small tub and stirring it using a wooden board equipped.

It was not my intention to thin down the spring water, but finally I was able to enjoy the salty water of Yunokawa Onsen.

Closed on October 31, 2018

Sadly, this bathhouse is going to close the business in October 2018.

More and more people visit Hakodate after the expansion of Shinkansen network in 2016.

At the city, the retro-flavored bathhouse is going to close.

It looks like most people do not care about losing the history of the spa city

Yamauchi Onsen Chosei-yu [Closed], Yunokawa Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan
Walk-inYES (6:00 AM – 9:30 PM)
Official WebsiteNO

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