World Hot Springs

Do you know there are countless hot springs all over the world?

This blog will promote universal magic of hot springs around the world, proving articles of places I visited and enjoyed soaking.

Why Hot Springs?

Did you distinguish taste of drinking water in childhood?

Even to a child, differences between tap water and mineral water may be intelligible.

However, you may well have experienced a lot in life until you became an adult, and then realized the taste of water in the fullest sense.

It is also true of hot springs.

Goshiki No Yu Ryokan

Goshiki No Yu Ryokan, Goshiki Onsen, Nagano, Japan

We, adults seek for sense of peace in enjoying hot springs, even though they were just “big baths” early in life.

Why do you think hot springs promote our mental calmness?

We cannot only soak in superb hot springs, but also enjoy the taste, color, smell, and sound; they gently excite our five senses.

In 2010, at Arima Onsen in Japan, I was deeply impressed by the magic.

Since then I have been to over 500 hot springs across Japan.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of information on the Internet, which hot springs maniacs described about even lesser known places deep in the mountains.

It looked meaningless for amateurs like me to add something on them.

Why World?

In 2016, I moved to Texas in the United States.

El Paso, TX

Photo by Ron Reiring – El Paso, TX (2017) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Since I belong to Japanese company and my boss told me to work abroad, against my will, I had to leave my country, so-called Onsen Island.

At first, it seemed terrible but meanwhile I had an unexpected encounter.

“Does this continent have hot springs?”

Indeed it is essential for hot springs to have the geological conditions, but also important for people around them to understand the value and utilize them.

In terms of these, there are countless hot springs all over the world.

The surprise and delight made me start this blog.

I am busy taking care of my day job and it may be too exaggerated to say “World” Hot Spring.

However, this blog targets to promote magic of hot springs, which does not depend on any particular languages or cultures, by providing articles in the borderless world.