Toyotomi Onsen (New Onsenkaku Hotel & Fureai Center)

The Japanese tradition, a hot-spring cure is not outdated.

Toyotomi Onsen, near the northernmost point of Japan has remarkable government activities including the tax exemption for the use of hot springs, and the assistance for school attendance during a hot-spring cure.

New Onsenkaku Hotel

Toyotomi Onsen used to be the northernmost hot spring in Japan before a drilling well of a hot spring was built at Wakkanai in 1978.

Today it remains one of the most remote spa cities, where you need five hours from Sapporo using an intercity bus.

Such hot spring is highlighted as a mecca for those who suffer from psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

New Onsenkaku Hotel - Exterior

This time I chose New Onsenkaku Hotel for an overnight stay.

The rate was 5,500 yen per a night.

It seems relatively expensive for a hot-spring cure that assumes over one-month stays.

New Onsenkaku Hotel - Front Desk

The same water is piped to New Onsenkaku Hotel as Fureai Center that will be introduced later, but the hotel has more relaxing atmosphere due to fewer soakers.

There are only two indoor bathrooms gender-separated.

New Onsenkaku Hotel - Bathroom

The L-shape tub is filled with spring water 111 degrees F, whose original temperature was 90 degrees F at the source.

It is a little bit hot for a long-time soaking.

New Onsenkaku Hotel - Moss Green

Toyotomi Onsen was found in 1926 when searching for coal oil, whose water is mixed with petroleum oil.

It is the reason for the slippery texture and the irritating smell of oil.

New Onsenkaku Hotel - Water Outlet

The greenish water is rich in mineral components that have the strong perspiration function.

It must be  more comfortable if it was served with a bit lower temperature due to the too powerful spring quality.

New Onsenkaku Hotel, Toyotomi Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan
Walk-inYES (11:00 AM – 10:00 PM)
Official WebsiteYES

Toyotomi Onsen Fureai Center

In the east side of the hotel, there is a natural gas supplying plant.

In 2011, the operating company went out of the business.

The town started an effective utilization for the natural gas, implementing a cogeneration for pumping up the spring water and heating it.

Natural Gas Plant

It is no exaggeration that this is at the heart of Toyotomi Onsen.

Fureai Center is located in the south of the plant.

Visitors for a hot-spring cure purchase this bathhouse’s one-month pass.

Fureai Center - Exterior

Gender-separated bathrooms are divided into the normal purpose and hot-spring cure purpose.

Everybody can use both rooms after paying the entrance fee.

This is the normal bathroom.

Fureai Center - Normal Bathroom

Indeed the water is great, but New Onsenkaku Hotel seems more quiet and relaxing considering the same quality of water.

It is natural that hot spring maniacs are interested in the hot-spring cure bath.

Petroleum components are not filtered in the tub, and the water is not so heated for preventing the stimulus for skin.

Fureai Center - Therapeutic Bathroom (Warm)


It looks entirely different from the normal tub.

An oil fence is floating around the water outlet, and crude oil is inside it.

You need to know that the situation differs depending on when you visit here.

Such greasy water can be seen only in an hour right after the opening at 8:30 AM.

Fureai Center - Therapeutic Bathroom (Tepid)

Another tub is filled with lukewarm opaque water, which uses the mineral water in some way.

The most astonishing thing to me was the way visitors soak.

Some people who had a skin disease were just sitting on the floor, slapping the black oil all over his body.

I felt sorry that my purpose of the visit was not such serious hot-spring cure, and realized how important it was for people who suffer from psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

The government’s progressive approach may also contribute to the background.

It was really shocking experience to me because it was right after visiting Hot Springs in Arkansas, where a hot-spring cure was just a relic from the past.

Toyotomi Onsen Fureai Center, Toyotomi Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan
Walk-inYES (8:30 AM – 9:00 PM)
Official WebsiteYES

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