Pagosa Springs (The Springs Resort & Spa)

Do you think Japan is one of the most advanced countries in terms of hot springs?

Indeed, soaking in hot springs is widely accepted among Japanese people, and the culture relevant to hot springs has a deep history.

However, considering there are much more volcanos that can be a source of the heat in other countries, hot springs could be seen all over the world.

I keenly though it in that way, when I encountered a fantastic hot spring that we should experience even if we need to cross the ocean.

La Garita Caldera

La Garita Caldera was erupted 2.8 million years ago and that was considered as one of the biggest explosion in the earth history (Volcanic Explosivity Index: eight).

Wheeler Geologic Area

Photo by John Fowler – Wheeler Geologic Area (2017) / CC BY 2.0

You can easily imagine the massive disaster in ancient times when you get a glimpse of the extraordinary spectacle.

Listed in Guinness World Records

After two hours’ drive from the caldera, you will notice the smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Here is Pagosa Springs that had been maintained by American Indians (Ute) in old days.


The most popular spot in this spa city is, the Springs Resort & Spa, which is a sophisticated hotel that also provides walk-ins.

In the premises, you can find the world’s deepest hot spring that is listed in Guinness World Records.

Source of the Spring

Here is that pond filled with bluish white spring water.

The depth is more than 1,000 ft. and it is said to be the deepest among springs that we can physically measure the depth.

Perfect quality and usage of water

The water temperature at the gushing point is around 145 degrees F, but it is naturally chilled being piped to tubs.


From an open-air bath that is beside the huge deposit of the spring water, you command a view of over 20 tubs in the premises.

All tubs are filled with natural-flowing water and the temperature varies depending on the amount of water input.


The water in this tub exclusive for overnight guests and limited walk-in looks especially beautiful with perfect milky white color.

Upwelling from the ground

This is not the only enchantment of Pagosa Springs.

You can freely go down to the riverside of the San Juan River.

Upwelling from the Ground

Then you will find several sources of the springs naturally upwelling from the riverside.

The extraordinary hot water barely allows us soaking and has the strong smell of sulfur dioxide.

The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA
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