The Inn at Benton Hot Springs, California

What is happiness for you?

You will feel a sense of well-being when dipping in a hot spring.

Think of meanings of happiness, viewing the wilderness.

World’s Largest Creature

The largest organism on earth is not a whale.

The General Sherman Tree

Photo by l a b e t e – The General Sherman Tree (2013) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Giant sequoias clustered in in Sequoia National Park are the largest in terms of dimensions.

Out of them, a giant tree named General Sherman is considered the biggest (height above base 275 feet, maximum diameter at base 36.5 feet).

In order to preserve the rare species, people had worked hard on stopping forest fires, which is common in California.

However, it was said that the forest destruction increased contrary to the expectations.

In fact, the cones will not open and scatter seeds without the heat of fire, and underbrush needs to be burned for avoiding the collapse.

Ruins of gold rush

A small town, Benton is about 60 miles north of the national park.

You cannot go directly thought the Sierra Nevada, and have to go a long way round.


In the lonely place with some ruins of gold rush, you will find a B&B providing hot springs.

The charming cabins do not look so clean, but the accommodation is good, with floor heating using hot springs water.

Marquessa Suite - Room 7

More than ten campsites with private tubs are located in the premises, which prove the affluent amount of water.

For cabin guests, they have three clothing optional tubs in the open space facing the wilderness.

Outdoor Tub

The maximum freshness stands out more due to the relatively uncharacteristic nature of the water.

I was delighted by this structure.


The extremely hot water around 140 degrees F is chilled to moderate temperature through a kind of mister.

They do not easily add tap water, but accomplish free-flowing stream by the simple mechanism.

I was remembering giant sequoias, viewing the wilderness beyond the steam.

Water Surface

A wildfire that is, needless to say, disaster for us was indispensable for the life of the world’s largest creatures.

Perhaps there may be the unseen meaning or law that regulates the universe.

It may be arrogant to judge what happiness is and what is not.

Whatever will be, will be.

The Inn at Benton Hot Springs, Benton, California, USA
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