Upwelling from the Ground

[Plentiful Water] La Paloma Too

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Do you think a hot spring upwelling from the ground is valuable?

Such kind of springs would be rare, because in general, only one tub can be placed right above the source of a spring.

However, in Truth or Consequences, one of the largest spa cities in the southwestern United States, there is plentiful water upwelling from the ground.

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[Zero Gravity] La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

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What do you think is efficacy of hot springs?

Do you think the most important element is the inclusion?

Actually, only a little inclusion can be absorbed through the skin.

Today I would like to introduce a hot spring in terms of “gravity.”

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[Edge of Hot Springs] Suga, Natural Monument

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What is the definition of hot springs?

As long as the water upwelling from the ground is warm or hot, is it possible to call it a hot spring?

Japan has the Hot Springs Act.

According to the law, the natural monument in a southern island can be called a hot spring.

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[Functional Beauty] Indian Springs

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Do you know a hot spring where is free of vanities?

This underground bathroom does not have even a window, and it may look barren.

However, the room reached the functional beauty, by pursuing goals for providing hot springs in the best condition…

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[Not Just Upwelling from the Ground] Okutsuso, Okutsu Onsen

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Do you know what are hot springs upwelling from the ground?

These are premium hot springs where you can enjoy extremely fresh water, because sources of the spring are located directly at the bottom of tubs.

Okayama prefecture is famous for having such springs, so I stayed in a Ryokan “Okutsuso.”

However, the enchantment of the inn was not just the hot spring upwelling from the ground.

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