[Reception Dog] Tennen Onsen Therme Ryugu

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Do you think it necessary to go far from town, in order to find good hot springs?

Actually, in Japan, it often happens that high-quality hot springs gush out from urban area.

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that two major cities in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka have great hot springs…

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[The Newest Water Is the Best] Blackstone Hotsprings

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Have you become curious about who soaked in the tub filled with spring water, before you use it?

If enough amount of water has been continuously poured, there would be no problems, but sometimes you may well feel uneasy.

Some of spa facilities with plenty of water, contrary to your concern, replace their water of private tubs every time visitors use it.

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[Spirited Away] Sekizenkan, Shima Onsen

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What places do you think are beautiful hot springs?

An open-air bath surrounded by beautiful nature may be a good idea.

Today I would like to introduce a beautiful “indoor” bath, even though the building was established around 90 years ago.

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[Truth or Consequences] Riverbend Hot Springs

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Do you know a hot spring with a glorious view of American nature?

It is two hours’ drive from El Paso to get to a city with the unusual name, Truth or Consequences.

In the past, they changed the name to the title of a popular radio program, in order to revitalize the city.

Today, to tell the truth, the atmosphere of city would seem rather run-down.

However, here is one of the largest spa cities in the Southwestern United States.

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