[Extraordinary Experiences] Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

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Do you think that the most important factor of a hot spring is the quality of spring?

Actually, I agree with the idea as a hot spring maniac, but most people seem to give importance on “experiences” surrounding the hot spring.

They will recognize a hot spring as great if they have extraordinary experiences, such as cleanly accommodation, great meals, or high quality customer services.

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[What is Comfort Temperature?] Jemez Springs Bath House

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What is your comfort temperature for soaking?

Not only individual tastes but also cultures define the comfort temperature.

There are many hot springs in the United States, but most of them are not so hot for Japanese.

Indeed, it may be reasonable considering its lower physical burden.

However, sometimes I would like to renew myself in body and spirit, by soaking in strikingly hot water.

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[Firefly] Hatago Shibiso, Shibi Onsen

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Why do you think that you feel good when you are in an open-air bath?

An open-air bath is almost the only place where you can be naked in outdoor.

By getting naked, you can enjoy the changing seasons in perfect harmony with nature.

There is a hot spring where you can enjoy light of fireflies around rainy season.

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[Plentiful Water] La Paloma Too

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Do you think a hot spring upwelling from the ground is valuable?

Such kind of springs would be rare, because in general, only one tub can be placed right above the source of a spring.

However, in Truth or Consequences, one of the largest spa cities in the southwestern United States, there is plentiful water upwelling from the ground.

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[Zero Gravity] La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

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What do you think is efficacy of hot springs?

Do you think the most important element is the inclusion?

Actually, only a little inclusion can be absorbed through the skin.

Today I would like to introduce a hot spring in terms of “gravity.”

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[Triple Enchantment] Ebisuya, Tamanashi Onsen

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Do you know the place where you can enjoy three different hot springs: an Onsen Ryokan and two public baths?

Ebisuya Ryokan is located in the mountains of Aizu area and there are no other inns nearby.

Nonetheless, it is surrounded by two public baths whose nature of the springs is different.

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[Clothing Optional] Faywood Hot Springs

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Do you think mixed bathing without clothing is Japan-specific culture?

It is not true.

In the United States, there are many hippies, who are said to originate from protests to the Vietnam War and deny rule-bond human living.

Actually mixed bathing culture exists across the United States, affected by hippies’ philosophy.

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[Legacy of the Bubble Era] Yamamizuki, Shimanto Onsen

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Are there any relation between the bubble economy and hot springs?

During the bubble years, many recreation facilities including hot springs were developed across Japan.

However, quite a lot of these were abandoned in financial difficulties afterward.

This hot spring went out of business, even though it hardly did the business, and after a long interval of silence, it was perfectly renovated and you can enjoy the glorious ocean view from the spring with unique color…

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[The Newest Water Is the Best] Blackstone Hotsprings

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Have you become curious about who soaked in the tub filled with spring water, before you use it?

If enough amount of water has been continuously poured, there would be no problems, but sometimes you may well feel uneasy.

Some of spa facilities with plenty of water, contrary to your concern, replace their water of private tubs every time visitors use it.

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[Functional Beauty] Indian Springs

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Do you know a hot spring where is free of vanities?

This underground bathroom does not have even a window, and it may look barren.

However, the room reached the functional beauty, by pursuing goals for providing hot springs in the best condition…

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