Mixed Bath

[Clothing Optional] Faywood Hot Springs

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Do you think mixed bathing without clothing is Japan-specific culture?

It is not true.

In the United States, there are many hippies, who are said to originate from protests to the Vietnam War and deny rule-bond human living.

Actually mixed bathing culture exists across the United States, affected by hippies’ philosophy.

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[Imperial Spring] Omaru Onsen Ryokan, Okunasu Onsen

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What kind of hot springs does the Emperor enjoy, as the national symbol of Japan?

There are three resort villas that imperial families use.

Out of them, Nasu Villa in Tochigi Prefecture has hot spring in it.

In fact, the water is piped from a certain inn, and anyone can enjoy soaking.

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[Spirited Away] Sekizenkan, Shima Onsen

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What places do you think are beautiful hot springs?

An open-air bath surrounded by beautiful nature may be a good idea.

Today I would like to introduce a beautiful “indoor” bath, even though the building was established around 90 years ago.

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