Metallic smell

Smell of iron dissolved in hot spring water

Shikaribetsukyo Kanno Onsen

It must be far more difficult than expected to maintain a hot spring inn in the harsh climate of Hokkaido.

As a guest, you will root for the owner and employees.

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Baker Hot Springs, Utah

Are popular things always excellent?

Acting on one’s value sometimes accompanies with loneliness.

At a backwoods hot spring, consider what it is to live.

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Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

What do you bring up the image of hippie?

People tend to think it as the thing of the past, with the negative images like the abuse of drugs or freedom of sex.

It is relatively unknown that Steve Jobs who created iPhone had the thought and creed.

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Trimble Spa & Natural Hotsprings, Colorado

What do you think is the evolution of humankind?

Is it science and technology, which has made our life easy?

It is said that in the 14th century the indigenous people living in the southwest Colorado were “disappeared.”

They might suggest another possibility of our evolution.

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Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, Colorado

Where do you think is this beautiful scenery?

Ouray, Colorado’s nickname is Switzerland of America, where is located in 7,800 feet up in the mountains.

Around the city, the Rocky Mountains that stretch more than 3,000 miles look especially superb.

At such Switzerland of America, hot springs are gushing.

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Kamiobo, Arima Onsen

Do you know real Arima Onsen?

Arima is counted among Thee Ancient Springs and is near big cities like Osaka and Kobe so some of you may have been there.

However, this historical spa city is facing depletion of the water; therefore, there are few inns providing real spring water that is not artificially processed.

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