Only slightly warm liquid. Hot spring water whose temperature is lower than body heat (99 degrees F).

Meadow Hot Spring

Do you know what a lava tube is?

Sometimes a lava flow creates caves.

In case of low-viscosity magma, being exposed to the air, the external side becomes hard and the central portion flows outwardly.

Inside the cavity made though the process, hot springs are gushing.

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Ahalanui Park

Where do you think is the most popular hot spring in the Big Island?

Ahalanui Park is introduced through a variety of media.

The place is suitable for all ages due to the safety and cleanliness.

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McCauley Hot Springs

Do you know what an ultra-Plinian eruption is?

Volcanic activities sometimes have destructive influence on human society.

Out of them, an ultra-Plinian eruption brings on a particularly large explosion that causes global change in environment and mass extinction.

Around such supervolcano, hot springs have been gushing over one million years after the eruption.

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