Only slightly warm liquid. Hot spring water whose temperature is lower than body heat (99 degrees F).

[Last Mineral Springs in Tennessee] Armour’s Red Boiling Springs Hotel

Are mineral springs in the United States doomed to extinction?

There are few places providing mineral springs water in the Southern United States.

However, when looking at the history, you will notice some places fell into a decline due to advance in medical technology and diversified leisures.

Visit the last hot spring in the state of Tennessee.

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[After Ultra-Plinian Eruption] McCauley Hot Springs

Do you know what an ultra-Plinian eruption is?

Volcanic activities sometimes have destructive influence on human society.

Out of them, an ultra-Plinian eruption brings on a particularly large explosion that causes global change in environment and mass extinction.

Around such supervolcano, hot springs have been gushing over one million years after the eruption.

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