Jemez Springs

[What is Comfort Temperature?] Jemez Springs Bath House

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What is your comfort temperature for soaking?

Not only individual tastes but also cultures define the comfort temperature.

There are many hot springs in the United States, but most of them are not so hot for Japanese.

Indeed, it may be reasonable considering its lower physical burden.

However, sometimes I would like to renew myself in body and spirit, by soaking in strikingly hot water.

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[Ancestral Memory] Spence Hot Springs

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What do you think is the relevance between hot springs and caves?

Hot springs and caves are linked all over the world.

Gushing springs sometimes create a cave, and its rustic atmosphere makes hot springs more attractive.

In the cave, you will have a mysterious feeling of relief.

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[Different Water, Different Color] Giggling Springs Hot Springs

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What are elements that characterize hot springs?

They trigger our five senses by the texture, smell and taste, but the color may be the easiest element to explain the attractiveness through blogs.

Today let us soak in emerald green water, which reminds us of the famous hot springs in Yellowstone National Park…

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