Hydrogen Sulfide Smell

[Forgotten City] Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Resort

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What did influence the destiny of the city?

The West Coast is an area of high population density, and is located on the Ring of Fire, so that there are several spa cities nearby.

Meanwhile, there are  places becoming a ghost town.

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[Plate Tectonics] Minshuku Boukai, Nanki-shirahama Onsen

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Why do you think hot springs are hot?

If they are in volcanic areas, you may imagine that the magma body heats underground water.

However, it cannot explain scalding hot water gushing in the area where there are no active volcanos nearby.

In fact, movements of plates of the earth create some hot springs.

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[Coal Mine, Nuclear Plant, and Hot Spring] Koito Ryokan, Iwaki-yumoto Onsen

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Do you know the relationship between hot springs and industry?

Iwaki-shi in Fukushima prefecture has been at the mercy of the energy industry.

In ancient times, the city experienced ebb and flow of a coal mine, and today suffers from the reputational damage of the serious accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

It is no coincidence that there are great hot springs in such city.

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[Japan-Korea Disputes] House of Siloam

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Do only Japanese people enthusiastically love hot springs?

No, it is also applicable to Korean people.

In the United States, where accept diversity of ethnic groups, Korean community is one of the forces.

They maintain a hot spring with strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, which American people generally do not understand the value.

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[Firefly] Hatago Shibiso, Shibi Onsen

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Why do you think that you feel good when you are in an open-air bath?

An open-air bath is almost the only place where you can be naked in outdoor.

By getting naked, you can enjoy the changing seasons in perfect harmony with nature.

There is a hot spring where you can enjoy light of fireflies around rainy season.

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[Movable Onsen Bazooka] Shogawa-yutani Onsen

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Do you think men’s and women’s bath should be completely separated?

When you are with a partner of the opposite gender, it may be more convenient if you can hear each other’s voice.

At this hot spring, surprisingly, a movable “Onsen Bazooka” is connecting men’s bathroom to women’s one.

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