Extremely Hot

[Mexican Quality] Mision Comanjilla

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What do you think the biggest enchantment of Mexico?

In my opinion, it may be a kind of roughness both in a positive and negative way.

Especially in terms of hot springs, the roughness often realizes wild free-flowing use of the spring.

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[Plate Tectonics] Minshuku Boukai, Nanki-shirahama Onsen

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Why do you think hot springs are hot?

If they are in volcanic areas, you may imagine that the magma body heats underground water.

However, it cannot explain scalding hot water gushing in the area where there are no active volcanos nearby.

In fact, movements of plates of the earth create some hot springs.

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[What is Comfort Temperature?] Jemez Springs Bath House

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What is your comfort temperature for soaking?

Not only individual tastes but also cultures define the comfort temperature.

There are many hot springs in the United States, but most of them are not so hot for Japanese.

Indeed, it may be reasonable considering its lower physical burden.

However, sometimes I would like to renew myself in body and spirit, by soaking in strikingly hot water.

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[Real Arima] Kamiobo, Arima Onsen

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Do you know real Arima Onsen?

Arima is counted among Thee Ancient Springs and is near big cities like Osaka and Kobe, and some of you may have been there.

However, this historical spa city is facing depletion of the water; therefore, there are few inns providing real hot springs in terms of water not artificially processed.

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