Shogawa-yutani Onsen

Do you think men’s and women’s bath should be completely separated?

When you are with a partner of the opposite gender, it may be more convenient if you can hear each other’s voice.

At this hot spring, surprisingly, a movable Onsen Bazooka is connecting men’s bathroom to women’s one.


Together with the historic village of Shirakawa-go, Gokayama’s historic village is also designated as World Heritage site.

Historic Village of Gokayama

Photo by cotaro70s – Historic Village of Gokayama (2013) / CC BY-ND 2.0

If your primary purpose is to see Japanese virgin landscape, I would rather recommend Gokayama, bypassing relatively touristy Shirakawa-go.

Former Onsen Ryokan

It is 40 minutes’ drive from Gokayama’s historic village.

You will find a traditional Japanese house, after you walk down the slope from a bus stop.

Here is a former Onsen Ryokan where used to be popular for hot spring cure, but today they do not provide lodging at least for individuals.

The rate for walk-in is 500 yen, but no one maintains it.

They seem to believe that human nature is fundamentally good, so that visitors put the fee into a box in the entrance.

After walking corridors, seeing a dam on the left, you will climb down stairs at the bank of the Shogawa River.

At the end of the stairs, there is a tasteful entrance of the bathhouse.

Entrance of the Bathhouse

Before coming into the world, we all might face a crossroad like this.

Men’s and women’s bathrooms produce complete symmetric appearance, and the stairs continue to the level of the river.

Plenty of water

Probably because of preventing flood damage, the wall of the bathhouse looks heavy-duty like a shelter.

Looking down the bathroom with sound of gush, surprisingly, there is a tub in a tub.


In other words, provided spring water is so much that it fills up not only the hot tub, but also the floor.

The silver cylindrical tube is the water outlet.

From the tip of the roll, warm spring with hydrogen sulfide bursts like a jet bath.


This Onsen Bazooka is placed between men’s and women’s bath, like a seesaw.

If you push down the water outlet in men’s room, women’s room becomes flood.

It creates a good sense of distance between men’s and women’s bathroom, but please do not carelessly touch it.

Shogawa-yutani Onsen, Tonami-shi, Toyama, Japan
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