[Spirited Away] Sekizenkan, Shima Onsen

What places do you think are beautiful hot springs?

An open-air bath surrounded by beautiful nature may be a good idea.

Today I would like to introduce a beautiful “indoor” bath, even though the building was established around 90 years ago.

Completely Harmonious Space

Anyway, please look at this bathhouse.

Genroku no yu (down)

There is completely harmonious space with sun light thrown from windows, as if it were intended.

“Genroku no yu” in Sekizenkan is one of tourist spots so that magazines sometimes publish the articles.

Genroku no yu (angle)

There are single-sex bathrooms with symmetric appearance.

The Romanesque high-ceiling bathroom has five tubs.

Each tub has a faucet, pouring slightly salty and clear spring; but the outlet is intended to use for temperature control.

Main outlet is located under the bottom of each tub, and gallons of fresh water are provided avoiding exposure to air.

It is so amazing that this ancient bathhouse pays scrupulous attention to the quality of water.

Various bathrooms

Historical sauna

The right side of wall in the opening picture has an arched door.

When you open the door, there is a unique sauna with a tiled chair.

Indeed, it may have historical valued, but I felt it a little bit cramped.

Mixed bath

This is an only mixed bath in the Ryokan.

Large stones are effectively arranged, but I felt it too small for mixed bathing.

You can enjoy these bathrooms with 1,200-yen walk-in.

Overnight guests have more choices including private baths.

Inspiration for “Spirited Away”

Spirited Away

When you leave the Ryokan, you will see the building of “Genroku no yu” from an old-fashioned red bridge.

Here is very famous for the fact that Hayao Miyazaki had the inspiration for the famous animation movie “Spirited Away.”

The unique beauty of this place was translated into the movie and highly regarded across the world.



High-quality water favorably compared with the great bathroom


A little bit busy with tourists who just look around

Sekizenkan, Shima Onsen, Gumma, Japan
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