[Renovated Temple] Sanso-nimoku Saienji

Do you know a temple having hot springs?

Hot springs often pertain to religion.

The place I would like to introduce today is a renovated temple, and not an actively working temple.

However, it takes an important role as a community network, which temples realized at a time in the past.

Seemingly Normal Temple

Blue store curtain

The facility is located in an old settlement and is seemingly a normal temple.

A social welfare corporation renovated the abandoned temple “Saienji” which established in 1473, and changed it into a community space with day service and work places for disabled people.

You may understand from the design of the blue store curtain that the renovation is so high quality and creates accomplished atmosphere even for young people.

Main hall

The main hall changed to a café retaining the original form.

 “Temple parfait” with Matcha ice cream is the most popular in this small restaurant and it seems to target not only for people in local community but also for tourists.

Slight green hot springs

Indoor Bath

You will pay 400-yen admission fee, and reach to the indoor bathhouse.

The tub is as large to the maximum extent, but the ceiling is low and I felt oppressing feeling.

Open-air bath

The open-air bath is also not so big, but nicely embroidered with old-looking walls.

Then I felt the nature of the spring is characteristic and full-scale beyond expectation.

Water outlet

As you can see, it looks greenish and opaque, and I felt strong metal odor, although I heard it is chlorinated.

The water is so hot and with high salt content that your body heated intensely.


😆 Pros

Extraordinary experiences of soaking in hot springs in a temple; especially full-scale springs having a high salt content

😥 Cons

Basically for people in local community and a little bit cramped bathroom

Sanso-nimoku Saienji, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa, Japan
Walk-in YES
Lodging NO
Official Website YES

Related hot spring

This hot spring belongs to a religious corporation which locates near Higashiyama district in Kyoto, where is crowded by many tourists.

Tennen Radium Fudo Onsen

Tennen Radium Fudo Onsen, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Nonetheless, you do not have to be aware of any religious contents.

I sometimes have an urge to visit there, in recollection of the timeless atmosphere.

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