Ryokan Adumaya, Yunomine Onsen

Whose is the phrase, enduring the unendurable?

Indeed this is from broadcast of the voice of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, at the end of World War II.

However, it is not well known fact that a Zen Buddhist, Gempo Yamamoto suggested to use this phrase, and the emperor as a symbol of unity of the people.

His life started from this hot spring inn.

The Heart of Yunomine Onsen

Ryokan Adumaya is located across the street from “Tsubooyu,” which was designated as a World Heritage site.


In 1866, Gempo was born in here, and rescued from being abandoned in front of the inn.

Let us go into the open-air baths.

Open-air Bath

They are not so big, but surrounded by a carefully designed Japanese garden.

Great indoor baths

Small Bathroom

Such open-air baths pale against the subtle and profound indoor baths.

There are two bathrooms with the sexes separated.

Main Bathroom

Soaking in the wooden tub, you will look up massive beams crossing.

Four edges of the tub are designed in quite a horizontal way.

Cold water is added, but the water temperature is too hot to soak in a long time, because the source of the spring is around 180 degrees F.

Therefore, you will alternate to soak in this chilled spring water.

Chilled Spring Water

Into this tub, hot spring water is poured gradually, so that it is chilled not being mixed with cold water.

Milky white water that has rich smell of hydrogen sulfide is provided in a perfect condition, which makes time for meditation.

At the end stage of the war, leaders of Japan including the prime minister were troubled over the path to walk, and asked Gempo for instruction.

He suggested defeating in the war and philosophy that the emperor was the symbol of the country; he made a historic achievement out of sight.

Dinner utilizing hot spring water

After bathtime, the beautiful and delicious dinner is waiting for you.


As a famous French author, André Malraux praised this inn a great deal, a number of visitors from foreign countries visit here.

Japanese culture that has been cultivated by forerunners who endured the unendurable and suffered what was insufferable, continues fascinating the world.

Ryokan Adumaya, Yunomine Onsen, Wakayama, Japan
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